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Galaxy Media’s 30th Anniversary

February, 11, 2020
Galaxy Media Partners celebrates it's 30th Anniversary this month. To help celebrate Big Poppa welcomed the founders of Galaxy, Ed & Pam Levine to the show. They talked about how & why Galaxy came to be, why the 1st station use the call letters of WKLL, the evaluation of radio, sports, events, digital, and even what it's like to work with family. In this day & age it's a rarity that a local business makes it 30 years. Congrats on 30 years & cheers to many more. LISTEN NOW LISTEN NOW

Leon Etienne

January, 28, 2020
"America's Rock Illusionist" & CNY native, Leon Etienne stopped by to chat with Big Poppa while he was home getting ready for his show Sat Feb 1st at MVCC. They talked about his run on AGT and the fact that it was just over 6yrs ago, but feels like yesterday, travel tips & how the magic industry has changed. Always a blast when Leon swings through. for more on Leon visit magicrocks.com LISTEN NOW LISTEN NOW
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Big Poppa’s Random Facts

It’s fun to learn odd things about friends.

1. Favorite Smell? Turkey when you wake up on a holiday morning, or the smell of blacktop during road construction, it reminds me of my mom “Grandma Bea”2. Last time cried? Last week during some movie 3. Favorite pizza? Tony’s in Whitesboro, Joe’s, or Slice depending on my mood 4. Favorite flower? Lilacs5. Favorite animal? One that don’t bite me6. Did you go to college? Sure Did HCCC7. Untie your shoes when read more »