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Your Eyes Will Thank You For This Computer Hack

February 04, 2015

I love to stay up late working on my computer, and while I end up getting a lot done, sometimes I have a hard time going right to sleep once I shut down for the night. There’s been a lot of research released recently about how the bright lights from electronics can interrupt your ability to fall asleep quickly, so this makes sense.

When I heard about a program called f.lux that works to counteract these issues, I was interested to try it. The program trains your computer to adjust its brightness levels based on the time of day, making it easier for you to fall asleep. For instance, when I’m working at 11 a.m. when it’s sunny outside, my computer screen is at full brightness. However, when I decide to work late at night, the computer takes on a more reddish or yellowish glow, instead of the blue hues that can keep your brain awake. Surprisingly, the change in color doesn’t make it harder to see when you’re trying to burn the midnight oil. It’s actually easier on the eyes than staring at an ultra-bright screen when it’s pitch black outside.

I’ve only been using the program for a few days, but I’m truly impressed with it. I wanted to share with other night owls like myself!

— Lauren the web girl

We All Need to Be A Little Bit More Like This Kid

February 03, 2015

Let’s face it: being a person is tough sometimes. It’s easy to be hard on yourself or to doubt yourself. So when I watched this video of 6-year-old Max as he tries to beat his own personal best speed as he rides his skateboard, I couldn’t help but smile. As he goes through each lap, trying to go faster every time, you can hear him giving himself a little pep talk thanks to the GoPro camera he’s wearing. I think the world would be a little better if we were all a little bit more positive and encouraging toward ourselves like this. P.S. How cute are his facial expressions?


The Most “WHOA” Worthy Moments of the Superbowl (That Had Nothing To Do With The Game)

February 02, 2015

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, you know that there were plenty of “!!!” moments, many of which actually had nothing to do with the game itself. If we’re being honest here, I tuned in more for the commercials and the halftime show than the game this year, and I wasn’t disappointed. A few of the most memorable moments from this year’s Super Bowl included:

  • Katy Perry’s halftime show: As soon as I heard that Katy Perry would be taking the stage during halftime, I knew we

    (image via Richard Mackson–USA Today Sports)

    were in for a treat. She certainly didn’t disappoint, with her smiling sharks, dancing beachballs, and that robot lion. Special guests Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot made the show even better. It was definitely one of my favorite halftime performances.

  • Nationwide’s total buzzkill: While they won big time with their adorable spot featuring my beloved Mindy Kaling, Nationwide quickly delivered a huge buzzkill with this spot about dead children. Nothing causes a hush to fall over a Super Bowl party quite like a commercial about kids dying in accidents….thanks, guys. Let’s keep our day happy by rewatching Mindy in her charming, cheerful ad.

    • T-Mobile’s funny ads: From Kim Kardashian poking fun at herself to Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman playing “frenemies” trying to one-up each other, these commercials were some of my favorites.

  • The shoving match that occurred at the end: There were mere seconds left in the game. And a fight broke out. Childish? Definitely. Amusing? Also, yes.

What were some of your most memorable moments from this year’s Super Bowl? Share them with me!

— Lauren the web girl

This Teacher Gives Bruno Mars a Run For His Money

January 27, 2015

I can’t get enough of Bruno Mars, and I especially love his song “Uptown Funk.” It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard it, when it comes on, I’m dancing. Turns out I’m not the only one. In this video, Scot Pankey, a teacher at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Texas, and his students put together a highly choreographed video to the song.

Even more amazing than the color-coordinated routine is the fact that Pankey says the video was shot all in one take. Check it out below


This Guy Will Make You Love Pizza Even More Than You Already Do

January 20, 2015

I love pizza and people helping other people, so my new favorite person is 27-year-old Mason Wartman. Wartman owns Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philly. Though it may appear to be just like any other pizza joint, Rosa’s is far from ordinary. The spot attracts a lot of homeless people due to its inexpensive prices (pizza is just $1 per slice), and to help serve this population in need better, Rosa’s has a wall of brightly-colored Post-It notes. Each note represents a slice of pizza that a customer has paid for in advance for any person who comes into the restaurant that day who’s short on cash.

When someone’s hungry but can’t afford to buy a slice, they simply grab a Post-It off the wall and bring it to the register. As an added bonus, these Post-Its often have inspiring messages written on them from the customer who has made the purchase. So far, Rosa’s has served up 8,400 slices of pizza over the last nine months to people in need in the Philly area.

Want to help out? Visit this link and you can buy a “Little Rosa” (a Post-It note that someone can redeem for a free slice) from anywhere in the country!

Mason Wartman made an appearance on Ellen recently, where she presented him with a check for $10,000 to help keep his business growing. Check it out below!