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The Halloween Activities You Can Still Enjoy As an Adult

October 22, 2014

Halloween is undeniably a kid’s holiday– it’s a little creepy to go trick-or-treating in your twenties and thirties–but that doesn’t mean you have to let the little guys have all the fun. Here are some ways you can enjoy the holiday no matter how old you are:

  • Carve a pumpkin: Don’t feel like dealing with pumpkin guts everywhere? Got it. How about painting one instead? It looks pretty and there’s way less clean up involved.
  • Do fun fall activities: Apple picking, baking of pumpkin-flavored goodies, sipping pumpkin-flavored lattes outside as you do some leaf peeping. All fun and festive.
  • Watch classic Halloween movies: You know that Hocus Pocus is playing on at least three channels right this very moment. Go watch.
  • Have a costume party: Costumes aren’t just for kids! Invite your friends over and encourage everyone to dress up. See how creative everyone can get. That means none of this “sheet over the head and I’m a ghost” business.
  • Hit up a haunted house: Pretend you’re not scared. We won’t tell anyone it was you shrieking like a little kid when the chainsaw guy popped out from behind the wall.

What are your must-do Halloween activities? Let us know in the comments! 

Nobody Puts This Kiddo in the Corner

October 14, 2014

Dirty Dancing is arguably one of the greatest movies, featuring epic dance scenes that make you want to get up out of your chair, even if your moves are highly limited (speaking from personal experience here). There’s something particularly heartwarming about seeing little kids who are enthralled with this movie. Check out an eight-year-old named Charlie, who is doing Patrick Swayze proud as he dances along perfectly to the final scene in the movie. Seriously, the hip action is something worthy of Dancing with the Stars.

You go, Charlie. Show ’em what you’ve got.

The Movie We’re Dying to See: “Gone Girl”

October 06, 2014

The hype surrounding the movie “Gone Girl” is inescapable, and with good reason. If you’ve read the book, you know it’s dark, smart, eerie, and quite possibly something you finished in two days. Without giving too much away, “Gone Girl” is the story of the disappearance of Amy Dunne, whose husband quickly becomes a suspect for several reasons. The story is told both through Nick’s perspective as the plot unfolds, and through a series of Amy’s journal entries. Throughout the story, you’re left wondering which characters to believe and how various pieces of the plot connect.

I have seeing “Gone Girl” on my list of weekend activities, but early reviews from critics (and my friends) have me ready to check it out. So far, these seem to be the key themes:

  • Ben Affleck and newcomer Rosamund Pike give amazing performances.
  • There are, obviously, differences from the book, but the movie is equally as good despite these differences.
  • The soundtrack really brings the film to life.
  • You’re probably going to gasp in the middle of the theater.

Armed with that knowledge, I’ms so ready to check out this movie. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can watch it here.

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think?