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Welcome to the Mix 102.5 Family, Big Poppa!

November 14, 2017

We are so excited to welcome Big Poppa to the Mix 102.5 family! You can catch Big Poppa weekdays from 3-7pm, only on Mix 102.5! This will be the place for Big Poppa to post show-related updates, so check back soon to see what he has to say.

This Week at the Utica Zoo!

July 24, 2017

Did you know the Utica Zoo has a TON of awesome stuff happening? On Mondays they have plenty of fun activities for your family, plus they stay open until 7pm. Tonight you can go grab food from Sarita’s Food Truck, plus it’s Pokemon Night! You KNOW the kiddos will love that. Their website has more information. 



July 06, 2017

Every Monday there is something new at the Zoo with Mix 102.5. This Monday (7/10) Holy Smokes BBQ Food Truck and Steve Burton’s Bee’s will be at the Zoo. The Zoo is open until 7pm for Utica Zoo Mondays! Grab the kids and stop by for some memorable summer fun. 

The Five Most Common White Lies Parents Tell

March 28, 2017

As a parent we want to teach our children to be honest, yet we are always telling them white lies…I know, we are all hippocrates. Most of the lies are for our own selfish comfort, you know like not having to deal with noise or temper tantrums. All for a good cause if you ask me.

Well there was a New Survey that found the five most common white lies that us parents like to tell, here they are.


1.  Telling your kids that an annoying toy is lost or broken . . . when in reality you really got rid of it or gave it to a neighborhood kid. (Let their parents deal with it, am I right?)


2.  Lying to your friends about the way you parent.  “oh yea, we limit sweets in our house hold too . . .”


3.  Saying you have to leave somewhere like a playground because it’s closing . . . even though it’s really not.


4.  Pretending you didn’t eat their candy or other food . . . I find blaming it on the dog is the best way to go.


5.  Pretending to call the police because they did something bad. “This also works with Santa around Christmas time.”





Eight Ways Daylight Saving Time Makes Your Job Harder

March 13, 2017

According to a new survey, only 17% of us get at least eight hours of sleep a night.  And with Daylight Saving Time, it’s even lower today.  Here are the top eight reasons your job might be harder because of the time change . . .

1.  It seems like your day goes slower.  That was the number one answer.  29% of the people in the survey agreed with it.

2.  Being tired makes you feel less motivated.

3.  It makes you less productive.

4.  You have a harder time remembering stuff.

5.  It takes longer to complete certain tasks.

6.  You get irritated by your coworkers more easily.

7.  You make more mistakes.

8.  It makes you resent your job more.

Also, a new CDC study looked at which jobs mess with people’s sleep schedules the most.  The jobs where you’re least likely to get at least seven hours of sleep include switchboard operators, railway workers, food prep supervisors, and firefighters.

The jobs where you’re MOST likely to get enough sleep include air traffic controllers . . . church workers . . . teachers . . . and farmers.



(PR Newswire / Huffington Post)

Writers: Sam Greenspan and James Kendall of Wise Brother Media