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The Best State to Live in Is Massachusetts, The Worst Is Louisiana

March 01, 2017

“U.S. News & World Report” looked at 68 different stats to figure out the best and worst states to live in.  They factored in everything from jobs and infrastructure, to crime and education.  And the best state is . . . Massachusetts.

They say it has the best education system . . . the second-best healthcare system . . . and the fifth-best economy.  Here are the top ten states overall . . .

1.  Massachusetts.

2.  New Hampshire.

3.  Minnesota.

4.  North Dakota.

5.  Washington.

6.  Iowa.

7.  Utah.

8.  Maryland.

9.  Colorado.

10.  Vermont.  Louisiana ranked last, just behind Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and New Mexico.

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Written By: Sam Greenspan and James Kendall

Wise Brother Media

You Really Only Have to Work Out Two Days a Week

January 10, 2017

There’s a good chance you’re one of the millions of people who made a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape this year.  There’s ALSO a good chance you’re already realizing your plan to hit the gym five days a week is DOOMED.

But here’s some good news.  According to a new study out of Loughborough University in England, you only need to work out two days a week to get the basic health benefits of exercise and lower your risk of DROPPING DEAD.

The researchers say you need to do 75 minutes of hard exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week to lower your chances of dying from heart disease by 40% and your chances of dying from cancer by 18%.

So if you just hit the gym hard for around 35 minutes two days a week, that could be enough.

Now . . . when it comes to other goals, like getting a six pack or losing weight, those will take more time and effort.  But if you just want to change from being totally sedentary to somewhat healthy, two days of exercise can cut it.

Written By: Sam Greenspan of Wise Bother Media


Would You Consider an Open Marriage?

December 16, 2016


This sounds high, but approximately 5% of married couples in this country are in OPEN MARRIAGES . . . where they can both get-it-on with other people.  That sounds exhausting.  But anyway, would YOU be interested in that?

According to a new survey, 17% of men and 9% of women say YES, they’d do it if their wife or husband asked them for an open marriage.  And 16% of men and 10% of women say they’d consider it.

That means only 81% of women and 67% of men are totally against the idea.


Writer: Sam Greenspan

Mira’s Boutique, Look Great for the Holidays

December 06, 2016

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The Average Single Person Now Dates Six People at Once

November 29, 2016

Apparently single people today are a LOT better at multitasking than they used to be.

According to a new study by eHarmony, the average single person now dates SIX people at the same time. Apparently online dating, Tinder, and social media have made it a hell of a lot easier to find tons of people to date.

If you are dating all of these people at once, then how is it that they don’t find out about each other?

Well . . . the study used the modern definition of “dating,” which doesn’t actually mean “going on dates.”  It can just mean you’re texting with someone for a while and you rarely hang out in person.  So that does make it easier to juggle six people.

And, since dating six people would mean lots of breakups, more and more people are just skipping that step and GHOSTING . . . meaning they just stop texting you.

64% of single people say that they’ve recently been dating someone who just VANISHED and totally stopped communicating with them.

If you would like to see more information about this new study, then you can visit the link below.



Sam Greenspan