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March 01, 2018

For this entry, I figured I’d answer a question I received from out of the blue a little while ago.

Q: “I was wondering if I could ask a kind of personal question. I started dating a guy that has 4 children and I have 2. How did you guys go about bringing your children together? It is the only part of this relationship that makes me nervous is the kid factor”

A: I am definitely NOT an expert in relationships nor am I perfect by any stretch of the imagination. All I can do is speak on my personal experience.
Couple things to keep in mind.
– Give kids time to get used to your new partner individually before adding in their children(and vice versa)
– Don’t discipline the other’s children
– Make sure you carve out time when it’s just you and your children. With so much change, they may feel lost in the shuffle or forgotten
– When introducing the kids to each other, have be focused around a fun activity, rather than someone’s house where everyone is awkwardly in the same room staring at each other.
– Make sure your partner & yourself are on the same page as far as parenting style, punishments, what’s ok, what isn’t, etc. That way the two of you are rock solid
– Don’t force it, it may take time. LOT’S of time. The two of you have had plenty of time to mentally prepare for this major life change. The children have not.

Hope this helps in some way. Good Luck!
Next Entry? Who Knows what I’ll tackle or talk about lol
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