Big Poppa’s Random Facts

December 20, 2019

It’s fun to learn odd things about friends.

1. Favorite Smell? Turkey when you wake up on a holiday morning, or the smell of blacktop during road construction, it reminds me of my mom “Grandma Bea”
2. Last time cried? Last week during some movie
3. Favorite pizza? Tony’s in Whitesboro, Joe’s, or Slice depending on my mood
4. Favorite flower? Lilacs
5. Favorite animal? One that don’t bite me
6. Did you go to college? Sure Did HCCC
7. Untie your shoes when taking them off? Negative
8. Roller coaster? LOVE Them! I can’t do “Spinny Rides” but yes coasters all day
9. Favorite ice cream? Soft Serve Twist of Cherry Garcia
10. Shorts or jeans? Shorts
11. What are you listening to? Mix 102.5 before I go on the air at 3pm
12. Favorite TV show? I go in spurts, but right now it’s Power, Rediculousness, & Sopranos
13. Tattoos? 5
14. Hair Color? Light Brown, hint of red
15. Eye Color? Brown
16. Height? 6’1
17. Favorite food to eat? Pizza & Sushi
18. Favorite holiday? St. Patty’s Day (aka my birthday) and Christmas because of people being having The Christmas Spirit
19. Beer or wine? Vodka Please
20. Night owl or morning? Night Owl
21. Favorite day of week? Sunday
22. Do you have a nickname? Big Poppa, Large Father, but my favorite is Dad
23. Favorite season? Spring
24. Favorite place to getaway? Disney or anyplace with sun, water, & peace
25. Missing someone? Of course! Just another reason to make each day count
26. Dream vacation? Vegas, LA, & Austalia
27. Regrets? Regrets? No. I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but I’ve learned from them all & they’ve make me who I am today
28. Middle name? Lee
29. Ocean or lake? As long as I have a chair & a beverage, I don’t care