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Need to Bring a Dish to Thanksgiving? Here Are Some Easy Choices That Will Steal the Show

November 25, 2015

Whether you’re headed to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving or are putting the finishing touches on your own menu, Thanksgiving meal planning can be stressful. But everyone knows the appetizers and side dishes really anchor the meal. Turkey is great and all, but the sides are absolutely crucial. Here are a few appetizer and side dish recipe ideas that will impress your family, leaving everyone feeling full and happy:

Spinach and cheese puff

Looks super fancy, requires minimal effort. As an added bonus, you can bake it in advance and then store it, so it takes some of the craziness out of day-of prep as you’re trying to rotate oven and stove times to get everything done. Get the recipe here.

Brie and cranberry phyllo turnovers

These are mega satisfying and sure to please. Plus with only three ingredients required to prepare them, they’re easy to put together. Get the recipe here. 

Three-cheese mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a must for any Thanksgiving feast, but it’s time to elevate yours with this three-cheese variety. You can never go wrong with a little extra cheese, right? Get the recipe here.

Find more delicious appetizers and side dishes that will knock your Thanksgiving meal out of the park here and here.

Utica-Area Shows That Are Worthy Of Your Newfound $100 (Or $500!)

November 09, 2015

Since the calendar hit November 1st, we’ve been giving away free money every day. Yep, every single day. If you’re out of the loop and need details on how you can get your shot at winning $100 or $500 dollars, you’ll want to click here ASAP. If you’ve already won the cash (or plan on doing so sometime in the very near future) there are a bunch of shows and events coming to the area that we’ve deemed worthy of your money. Some of these events include:

The Wizard of Oz

This classic is coming to The Stanley on November 27th and 28th. Whether you want to relive your childhood or want to take young family members to experience the show for the first time, it’s going to be worth seeing.

The Nutcracker

If you want to get into the holiday spirit, this is the show to see. Little ones will love the costumes and music. It runs at The Stanley on December 5th and 6th.

Matilda the Musical

If you adored this Roald Dahl book when you were younger, you’ll want to see the story brought to life onstage. It plays in Syracuse, so use your winnings to fill up the tank, grab some tickets, and enjoy the evening!

A Utica Comets game

Haven’t been yet? Take your prize money and grab some tickets! You’ll love the high-spirited game and the sense of hometown pride.

These shows and events are a great way to spend time with your family, plus there’s no “are you still watching?” judgement coming your way from Netflix.

The 10 Best Things to Do with $100

November 01, 2015

In case you missed it, Mix 102.5 is giving you a chance at being a bit richer. All you have to do is keep listening to us! It’s part of the “Song of the Day” contest. Every day in the month of November, you’ll have a chance to win cash. Monday-Thursday is worth $100 and then on Friday it’s $500. Yep, you read that right. When you hear that day’s song, be caller #10 and the money is yours. Sound like a good deal? We thought so. Here’s the official Song of the Day calendar so you know what to listen for.

This brings us to our next point: what are you going to do with that money? We’ve got some ideas:

Pay off some debt

Got a credit card bill that’s looming? Some extra money will put a nice dent in that.

Put it into a college fund

The kids’ college fund is a great spot for some money. Textbooks aren’t cheap, you know!

Take your family out to a nice dinner

That means no phones/iPads/other gadgets at the table. Get everyone to enjoy some much-needed catchup time together. Hey, order dessert too.

Make some minor home repairs

It’s finally time to repaint that room that’s desperately in need, or update those kitchen fixtures that are way outdated.

Invest in your career

Is there a course you can take that will allow you to go further in your career? Some extra cash makes it possible to pay for it. Plus, this type of purchase is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Give to someone in need

Pick your favorite charity, then donate part or all of your winnings to that group.

Stock up on winter clothes

Those jackets that feel like sleeping bags are highly necessary, but certainly not cheap.

Buy an outfit you feel great in

Giving a nerve-wracking presentation in front of your boss just feels easier when you’ve got an outfit that you know fits you perfectly.

Go see your favorite band

Nothing beats live music, and seeing your band in concert is totally worth the ticket price.

Save it!

Crazy things happen. It’s always good to have some extra cash stored away, just in case.

How would YOU spend your newfound money? Tell us on Facebook!


Do Halloween Right (and Cheap) With These DIY Costume Ideas

October 23, 2015

Halloween sounds like the perfect holiday in theory. Dress up as your favorite TV character, pop star, food, etc. Take the kids out and get a bunch of candy. Throw a party. Go to CVS the next day and get your favorite candy for half off and then will yourself not to eat the whole bag in one sitting. But the problem is that Halloween costumes can get expensive very quickly. Shelling out $100 bucks for a costume you’ll wear once, then lose all of the pieces to and never be able to wear again? I don’t think so.

If you’re looking to do Halloween right, without spending a fortune, check out some of these great DIY ideas:

Popsugar has some super creative costumes that you can make at home, including Rosie the Riveter, the solar system, and a new take on Halloween classic Audrey Hepburn.

Buzzfeed has some great suggestions too, particularly if you’ve got minions fans in your house. Also, you’ll want to check this out if you’re one of those people who is always inviting me to play Candy Crush on Facebook.

If you’ve got daughters who are looking for costumes, this post from Seventeen.com is full of great inspiration.

Not only does taking the DIY route save some cash, there’s something far more satisfying about getting a compliment on a costume that you put together yourself.

—- Lauren the web girl

The Crockpot Meals You Have to Try This Fall

October 05, 2015

While I’m a little sad that summer’s over, it also means that crockpot season is officially here. I still marvel over the fact that crockpots exist in the world. Tiny machines that allow you to dump a few ingredients in, go to work, then return home to a fully cooked and delicious meal hours later. Pretty magical, right?

Last crockpot season I was big into making this Italian Chicken recipe. So easy and so delicious. But during this time of year I love to cruise Pinterest and Buzzfeed for some new crockpot recipes to add to my arsenal. This one post has a bunch of different types of recipes that all look worthy of a try. Crockpot corn and potato chowder? Yes, please.

If you’re doing the paleo diet, you’ll want to try this Balsamic Chicken and Sausage meal. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from a friend who’s made it. Even if you’re not paleo, it seems like it’s worth making.

Lastly, if you’re looking to keep things skinny, the SkinnyTaste blog has a ton of healthy crockpot recipes that still taste hearty and delicious.