Need to Bring a Dish to Thanksgiving? Here Are Some Easy Choices That Will Steal the Show

November 25, 2015

Whether you’re headed to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving or are putting the finishing touches on your own menu, Thanksgiving meal planning can be stressful. But everyone knows the appetizers and side dishes really anchor the meal. Turkey is great and all, but the sides are absolutely crucial. Here are a few appetizer and side dish recipe ideas that will impress your family, leaving everyone feeling full and happy:

Spinach and cheese puff

Looks super fancy, requires minimal effort. As an added bonus, you can bake it in advance and then store it, so it takes some of the craziness out of day-of prep as you’re trying to rotate oven and stove times to get everything done. Get the recipe here.

Brie and cranberry phyllo turnovers

These are mega satisfying and sure to please. Plus with only three ingredients required to prepare them, they’re easy to put together. Get the recipe here. 

Three-cheese mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a must for any Thanksgiving feast, but it’s time to elevate yours with this three-cheese variety. You can never go wrong with a little extra cheese, right? Get the recipe here.

Find more delicious appetizers and side dishes that will knock your Thanksgiving meal out of the park here and here.