The Crockpot Meals You Have to Try This Fall

October 05, 2015

While I’m a little sad that summer’s over, it also means that crockpot season is officially here. I still marvel over the fact that crockpots exist in the world. Tiny machines that allow you to dump a few ingredients in, go to work, then return home to a fully cooked and delicious meal hours later. Pretty magical, right?

Last crockpot season I was big into making this Italian Chicken recipe. So easy and so delicious. But during this time of year I love to cruise Pinterest and Buzzfeed for some new crockpot recipes to add to my arsenal. This one post has a bunch of different types of recipes that all look worthy of a try. Crockpot corn and potato chowder? Yes, please.

If you’re doing the paleo diet, you’ll want to try this Balsamic Chicken and Sausage meal. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from a friend who’s made it. Even if you’re not paleo, it seems like it’s worth making.

Lastly, if you’re looking to keep things skinny, the SkinnyTaste blog has a ton of healthy crockpot recipes that still taste hearty and delicious.