The Five Most Common White Lies Parents Tell

March 28, 2017

As a parent we want to teach our children to be honest, yet we are always telling them white lies…I know, we are all hippocrates. Most of the lies are for our own selfish comfort, you know like not having to deal with noise or temper tantrums. All for a good cause if you ask me.

Well there was a New Survey that found the five most common white lies that us parents like to tell, here they are.


1.  Telling your kids that an annoying toy is lost or broken . . . when in reality you really got rid of it or gave it to a neighborhood kid. (Let their parents deal with it, am I right?)


2.  Lying to your friends about the way you parent.  “oh yea, we limit sweets in our house hold too . . .”


3.  Saying you have to leave somewhere like a playground because it’s closing . . . even though it’s really not.


4.  Pretending you didn’t eat their candy or other food . . . I find blaming it on the dog is the best way to go.


5.  Pretending to call the police because they did something bad. “This also works with Santa around Christmas time.”