The Thoughts That Go Through Your Head as Temperatures Start to Drop

November 10, 2014

Everyone loves Fall. How can you not? It’s all about pumpkins and Halloween and cozy sweaters and such. But with these fun things
comes the winter dread. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the knowledge that winter is coming and it’s going to be COLD. Here are some perfectly reasonable thoughts that may go through your head as temperatures start to drop and winter gets closer:

  • Why can’t humans hibernate like bears? It’s just cruel to force people to venture outside every day when your nose hairs are freezing and your car is a block of ice.
  • Remote car starters are probably one of the most important and amazing inventions of all time.
  • It’s time to start gathering menus from every place that delivers within a 30-mile radius because you are NOT going outside to get lunch, and you can’t honestly be expected to pack your own when you venture through snow and ice to get to the office each day.
  • It doesn’t matter how the coat looks, as long as it’s warm and comfortable. The more like a sleeping bag it is, the better.
  • If the snow boots don’t actually prevent you from falling, they’re useless. Again, it’s not about the fashion statement when the weather situation gets drastic.
  • Note to self: investigate a way to open a branch of your company’s office in a warmer locale. Say, Florida or the Bahamas, perhaps.

What do you think to yourself as winter weather gets closer? Let us know in the comments!