This Guy Will Make You Love Pizza Even More Than You Already Do

January 20, 2015

I love pizza and people helping other people, so my new favorite person is 27-year-old Mason Wartman. Wartman owns Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philly. Though it may appear to be just like any other pizza joint, Rosa’s is far from ordinary. The spot attracts a lot of homeless people due to its inexpensive prices (pizza is just $1 per slice), and to help serve this population in need better, Rosa’s has a wall of brightly-colored Post-It notes. Each note represents a slice of pizza that a customer has paid for in advance for any person who comes into the restaurant that day who’s short on cash.

When someone’s hungry but can’t afford to buy a slice, they simply grab a Post-It off the wall and bring it to the register. As an added bonus, these Post-Its often have inspiring messages written on them from the customer who has made the purchase. So far, Rosa’s has served up 8,400 slices of pizza over the last nine months to people in need in the Philly area.

Want to help out? Visit this link and you can buy a “Little Rosa” (a Post-It note that someone can redeem for a free slice) from anywhere in the country!

Mason Wartman made an appearance on Ellen recently, where she presented him with a check for $10,000 to help keep his business growing. Check it out below!