Uh Oh, Do You Fit the Profile Of The Most Stressed Out Person in America?

February 06, 2015

If you’re a woman in your late 20s or 30s who has kids and makes less than $50,000 a year I’ve got some bad news: according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, you fit the profile for the most stressed out person in the United States. Unfortunately, this profile encompasses a HUGE section of women today. It makes sense though. Ladies in this group are trying to balance career goals with being a successful parent, while simultaneously trying to keep finances in check. It’s no wonder that stress levels are high.

We’ve all heard about some common ways to beat stress, but try using some of these unconventional tips to kick anxiety to the curb:

  • Exercising with a friend: It’s no secret that getting your sweat on is great for fighting stress, but socializing with a pal is equally helpful for reducing anxiety. If you’re “meh” about going to the gym but are craving some social interaction with friends, combine the two together. You’ll find that you enjoy your workouts more.
  • Keeping a journal: I’m not talking the “Dear Diary, I have a crush on a boy” variety from 6th grade. This grown up version is actually a great stress buster. Write about anything that’s on your mind, from money woes to work concerns or family issues. Even writing for five minutes a day allows you to get your thoughts out. Allow yourself to be completely unfiltered. You should be writing things you may not even allow yourself to say to your spouse or best friend. Research shows that this kind of journaling is highly therapeutic, especially when you do it using an old-fashioned pen and paper, not a computer.
  • Building a “Happiness Jar” in your home: I recently created a “Happiness Jar” in my apartment (read about it here). I got an inexpensive yet pretty vase and put it in the hallway in my apartment, with some small pieces of paper nearby. Whenever a particularly happy, exciting, or fun moment happens, I jot it down on a piece of paper. Then when I’m feeling sort of blah, I can unwrap a few of the pieces of paper and think back to these moments. It helps me to feel more appreciative, and cures a bad mood quickly.

And if all else fails, eating chocolate and snuggling up with a furry friend are also known stress busters!

— Lauren the web girl