Why Taylor Swift is Living the American Dream

September 01, 2015

Have you seen Taylor Swift’s newest music video yet? She debuted it during Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, and it’s another epic creation. If you loved “Bad Blood” you’ll definitely be impressed. It features Taylor as a movie star in an exotic locale doing scenes with beautiful human Scott Eastwood (yes, son of Clint.) She wants their love to be real, but comes to understand that they’re both just playing their parts, hence the whole “Wildest Dreams” thing.

The video made me realize something though: Taylor Swift is truly living her best life. She’s written a song that everyone loves and has decided to film a music video for that song. She already has a gorgeous real-life boyfriend in Calvin Harris, but instead of casting him as her leading man, why not get some on-screen smooches in with equally gorgeous actor Scott Eastwood? Oh, and let’s fly to a stunning location, ride some horses, and play in front of some lions too. Sounds good. If that’s not the American dream, I don’t know what is.

If you haven’t seen the video, you’ll definitely want to check it out here. It’s amazing!